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I want to spray paint my walls using graffiti stencils. Is there a certain way I should do it? How to do it best?

I want to spray paint some Banksy graffiti stencils stuff on the wall in my room. Is it going to be hard to paint over when I move out? What other things should I keep in mind/do when I’m stenciling?

Admin answers:

graffiti stencilsFirst things first when using graffiti stencils…. make sure you have LOTS of ventilation. Leave the windows wide open and maybe even use a fan and wear a mask if you’re dealing with aerosol cans. That stuff can seriously mess you up if you inhale it.
Painting over the graffiti stencils should not be a problem in the future. You’ll just want to use a primer like Kilz or Bullseye and then paint with the fresh color over that for cool graffiti stencils.

Sandy asks…

Where can I find graffiti stencils to download?

I am looking for graffiti stencils to paint an open wall in an urban art style and let others be able to spray their own stencil graffiti. Where can I find such stencils to download. I am looking for things such as works like Banksy.

Admin answers:

I found some sites for free graffiti stencils. You can google the phrase and check out the rest of the results. There are also some good Graffiti stencils here.

Michael asks…

If I spray paint colors using graffiti stencils on white apartment walls, will I be able to paint over it again and have it look new?

I’m thinking about spraying graffiti stencils over my apartment walls in a Banksy street art style because my place needs some decoration as it looks white and dull at the moment. If I spray paint using different colors such as red, black, yellow on the white paint that is on the wall surface, would I be able to paint over it using the same white and have it look as if I did nothing at all? If i needed to do so at a later date?

The paint on the wall is about two layers thick of Pittsburgh Paints’ Speedhide “White and Pastel Base” and the specific name of the paint is “Interior Wall Flat Latex 6-70″.

The type of spray paint that I am thinking of using is the Krylon brand “Interior/Exterior Gloss” Spray Paint.

Any advice from graffiti artists who are experienced or knowledgeable about this sort of graffiti stencils project would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I would be more than happy to answer your pending questions :)

Admin answers:

Red and black are tough colors to paint over, it will take several coats. Also, how do you know you will have the same white paint? There are so many colors of white paint, and it will stand out if it is different. Sometimes if the base is old, the color may come out not quite the same. And you want to use gloss paint for graffiti stencils to boot. Oh, I think this is all a really bad idea. How about hanging some pictures or wall hangings up? Nail holes are easy to cover.

Betty asks…

What should I make a graffiti stencil of?

I like to make graffiti stencils but I cant ever think of what to make them. I like Shepard Fairey’s work and Banksy‘s work but i dont want to copy it. I only have red, black, white, and grey paint. I’ll take any ideas, thanks.

Admin answers:

When I get painters block, I go pick random graffiti stencils, cut them out and usually get an idea for my work.

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