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Banksy prints are created using street art graffiti stencils. 

There are many Online Graffiti Websites and street art exhibitions that sell Banksy prints.

Banksy prints have a high price and often depict urban graffiti art scenes that were previously painted on a wall by the street artist.

banksy printsBanksy does not sell any of his graffiti street art himself due to his anonymity. Instead he has a manager whom organizes sales of Banksy prints and canvas prints through websites, exhibitions and auctions.

There are 100′s of Banksy prints to choose from, ranging form moderately priced to vastly expensive. The value of the graffiti prints is often high especially if signed by the street artist. Many of the prints have a political, urban or social theme, often featuring a rat or monkey, such as the Banksy Gangsta Rat 2004 print.

For those who cannot afford original Banksy prints there are replica prints available.

Banksy prints can be bought through online sites such as Ebay and Amazon whose websites used to offer prints and Banksy stencils at a very reasonable prices. before Banksy received so much media attention and his street art graffiti pieces soared in popularity. Now it is difficult to find a piece of Banksy art from a shop or Urban Art Gallery at a price that an average person can afford. If you search around you can find signed original Banksy prints.

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