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What paints are used in Banksy canvas art prints?

What type of paint does he use on the Banksy canvas prints he does?

Admin answers:

From my perspective, I paint, and most of the Banksy canvas work I know, which is similar to his wall pieces is mostly likely spray painted, as a lot Banksy graffiti art still utilizes stencils. If not I would assume he uses acrylic paint, he just doesn’t strike me as an oil paint kinda guy.

Do you know who is Banksy?

What would you do if your favorite rapper went Mainstream? But his sound stayed the same. Would you be mad if everyone dickrode him or her?

Admin answers:

I can’t believe it took that long til Indian Skater actually correctly identified the answer.

Banksy did Blak Twang’s Album Cover and his website isn’t too bad either.
He is from the U.K. and represents lifescenes mostly in silhouette on public buildings.

You can also see a Banksy canvas at one of his exhibitions or at a gallery. Be aware you have to pay a high price for a quality canvas artwork.

How to create a recognisable symbol, like one from a Banksy canvas or a pop art piece?

banksy canvasWhenever I see a Banksy canvas, such as the rat or balloon girl, I really like the look and wish I could create something like that (on canvas or paper) but also be original. Basically the question is does a Banksy canvas look so good because of years of practice and development or is it just a one off good idea?

You’re kind of missing the point of being original since you are asking other people.

Any tips on how to become a better graffiti artist?

Okay a few months ago I started getting into graffiti art.

I had a few friends that did it really well an when they saw me drawling in my blackbook they said that for a beginner I was very good. Does anyone have any good advice for a beginner who wants to attempt some graffiti wall art.

Admin answers:

Hey I would like to see yours! Im not that good so i cant really critisize, and i wouldnt anyway. Link me in your youtube or send some additional details or something…

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