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banksy canvas art

Banksy Canvas Art is an amusing art work that has symbolic overtones.

There are cultural and also ethical currents that run through Banksy Canvas Art.

The works are usually created using stencils. The stencil often has a slogan and an image. Once the stencil has been constructed to create a Banksy Canvas Art piece, it is a fast and simple process to transfer it onto a wall or canvas.

The trademark style of Banksy Canvas Art was influenced by fellow Bristol artists Kato and Tes, along with a French artist Blek Le Rat who helped shape him into the revered and unique graffiti street artist he has become. His art is always originally, intelligent and thought provoking.

Banksy canvas art

works now fetch very high prices and are sought after by Hollywood celebrities, rock stars and those who can afford it. Some graffiti street art pieces go for as much as six digit figures, especially if they have been signed by Banksy. Big stars such as Christina Aguilera and Angelina Jolie are reported to have spent large sums of money on his street art works.

It is still possible to get authentic and cheapĀ Banksy canvas art but due to their limited supplies you have to be quick as they are in huge demand for art prints, such as the balloon girl print. They can be bought at auction deals or through online resellers. The quality of the canvas artworks ranges from poor to very good. The poor quality prints of Banksy graffiti are often replicas which fade over time.

Banksy Canvas Art, like Pop Art or other wall art, is highly collectible and many who got in early were able to make good money reselling their collection of art prints for a high price to collectors and art gallery exhibitions.

banksy canvas artIn the past his graffiti art would appear on a wall and remain there for an extended period of time. However this is no longer the case due to the media attention he has drawn. Street art works are often disfigured or removed within a few days as there are many who dislike his fame and popularity.

Banksy canvas art can be bought at graffiti art exhibitions, which are held a few times a year. He does not sell any pieces directly only through an agent or online resellers who sell Banksy Canvas Art.

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