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Nancy asks…

Please could someone give me a complete list of Banksy books?

I love Banksy‘s work, and when I heard he had written books I knew that I had to buy them, unfortunately, I do not know how many Banksy books there are or what they are called. I am also looking for books by Shepard Fairey.

Admin answers:

For Banksy: Amazon has “Wall and Piece” and “Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall”

For Fairey: Amazon has “Obey” and “E Pluribus Venom” and “Post No Bills”

Mary asks…

Why are Banksy books so expensive?

I’ve looked on a lot of online book sellers and they all have Banksy books but they are over $100. Why is this? From what I’ve heard they are just little coffee table books not a Banksy museum!. I would really enjoy reading more about Banksy, especially from his point of view, but not for over $100. That’s just ridiculous. Does anyone know of any websites where Banksy books are cheaper or have a cheaper book or something? Thanks a lot!

Admin answers:

I’d check Amazon for if I were you. There are many interesting books with good info on Banksy.

Thomas asks…

Which is the best Banksy book to buy?

Coffee table purposes, with examples of Banksy stencil work, Banksy prints, along with some interesting Banksy facts..

Admin answers:

I haven’t got any Banksy books but Wall and Piece looks good as it seems to be a compilation of his work from previous books.

Robert asks…

What should I get my boyfriend for Christmas and birthday?

By the time Christmas comes around, it’ll have been almost a year and his birthday is only a week after so I have to get him something good

I’ve already got a few things picked out, some Banksy books, such as Wall and Piece and other photography books (he’s a photographer). I don’t really know what else to get though, so guys, any ideas?

Admin answers:

Why not get him a Banksy canvas print too.

Lisa asks…

Any German linguists? to translate a simple question?

In german how do you say…

Recently I have read some Banksy books. My favourite graffiti artist is called ‘Banksy’, the book is about a garffitti artist who paints street art around the whole of London. I like books which are interesting and I can recommend it.

Admin answers:

banksy booksKürzlich habe ich ein Buch über meinen Lieblingskünstler gelesen, der ‘Bansky’ heißt, das Buch handelt von einem Graffitti-Künstler, der Graffitti in ganz London sprüht. Ich mag interessante Bücher und ich kann es empfehlen.

Add: Sedora, endlich mal jemand, der der deutschen Rechtschreibung mächtig ist!! Das hat hier Seltenheitswert – deshalb geh ich nicht mehr auf Y!C Germany.

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